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July 13, 2012
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You held your gun to your body as tight as you were able to. You slowly walked from your shelter behind the wall. You heard a loud pop and immediately turned into the side. You shoot from your gun and a man fell down. You looked at his dead body with no emotions. You were more concerned to find another man. A man who caused all that.

You slowly made your way to the main office, killing other guards. You were used to see death; it made no effect on you. You had seen it much more than you should, also sending people to their graves, either using your own hands or a gun or a bat. You were a fighter and also a killer.

You finally stood in front of the office. You looked at the scene you left behind. Torn bodies, blood splattered everywhere and the scent of metal and power was overwhelming. Beige walls all covered in blood from shots were gruesome. You just sighed and crept into the office.

Suddenly you were surrounded by ten people, pointing guns at you. You smirked devilishly and shot five of them in two seconds. The other ones were smashed with your dagger pulled off your left boot. You stood there, exhausted. Half of your face was covered with blood of your victims. You slowly walked with your gun and pointed it to the beige-haired man sitting on the chair. "It's over, Braginski."

You heard a chuckle from him and pushed your gun to his head even more. He stood up as if nothing happened and turned to you. You looked straight into those violet eyes, once innocent as you remembered it. A flow of memories reached you for a second and you lowered your gun. That was enough time. You were pinned roughly to the desk by the strong man.

"We meet again, _____, not a friends this time." He said darkly with a faint smile. Your mind was enveloped with thoughts and memories. You two sitting near the river and chatting. You two ending college. You two looking at each other. You two fighting.
"Dammit, you won't let go, will you?" You hissed under your breath. He smirked and pushed you even stronger to the desk. You groaned as the pain started to sprain among your shoulders. Your breathing was really heavy as you couldn't take deep breath.


"You know, dzyewushka…" He started, leaning really close. His face was serious as ever. His cold eyes met your furious ones. "You really should learn to obey sometimes. You're disobedient." He narrowed his eyes in dangerous way. You froze under his gaze. "And disobedient ones need to be punished." He kissed you roughly, biting your lip a bit. You were forced to return the kiss, which, to be honest, you returned with pleasure. You almost forgot how he kissed.

"You're insane, Ivan."

He looked at you and bitterly laughed.

"Aren't we all?"

Mam nadzieję, że się spodoba :P

A surprise character was Russia XD

Have some Angst ouo

10 themes Challenge: [link]

1. Music: England [The Scene] [link]

2. Animals: Greece [New Place of Living] [link]

3. Weather: Lithuania [Not on Purpose] [link]

4. Dance: Spain [Come and teach me how to Dance] [link]

5. Games: Prussia [Strip-Poker] [link]

6. Food: France [Taste like Him] [link]

7. Nature: Germany [Dealing with Anger] [link]

8. Darkness: Canada [Soulmate] [link]

9. Light: America [Newspapers Writer] [link]

10. Insanity/Death/Human Mind: SURPRISE~! Russia [INSANITY 100%] [link]
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Sk8ergirl-alice123 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
"you're insane."
"aren't we all?"
i love those lines xD
good story
i love it
my sister "don't we all?"
yes we do xD
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